About Us


The South Carolina Junior Classical League is a chapter of the National Junior Classical League, an organization that strives to promote the eduction and celebration of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. The SCJCL holds fora in the fall and spring where students have an opportunity to meet other Classics students from the state of South Carolina and compete for prizes in competitions ranging from the arts to academics. 

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To contact any of the State Officers, click on the underlined portion of their name to create an email to them. Any of the Officers will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Meet our 2019-2020 Officers!

President: Johan Williem van Rosevelt -Dreher HS (Co-Chair: Christopher Stopla)

Vice President: Owen Martin- Wando HS (Co-Chair: Arnold Wagner)

Second VP: Etta McLeod-TBCS (State Chair: Josiane Vero)

Parliamentarian: Grace Munn- TBCS (State Chair: Josiane Vero)

Historian: Lyndie Reining- TBCS (State Chair: Josiane Vero)

Secretary/Editor: Meghan Kondroski- Summerville (Co-Chair: Catherine Raines)

Andrew Saverance from our delegation is serving as the national 1rst VP. This makes him South Carolina's first national officer in over 15 years.  

We've added new offices. Check it out on our elections page.